We came together as a team to put together a website on finance. We wanted to be able to touch as many people as possible and provide financial support. What we do is to provide information in the hope that we can help others. We therefore have some articles which contain hints and tips about finance, mainly borrowing, which we hope will enable people to have a think about their situation and what they can do to improve things for the future. We believe that no one is a lost cause and that by learning more about managing money everyone will be able to make changes that will allow them to be more in control. We believe that everyone can get out of debt if they have the desire to, can improve the amount of money they have saved up and feel much happier about their future. We know this takes time and effort and hope that the articles we have published will help people on their way to achieving these goals and feeling much more positive about what they can do to improve things even more as time goes on until they feel completely in control of their financial situation.